Willing Suspension of Disbelief

Blissful ignorance is a close friend to faith
When we are children we believe anything is possible, for quite a while we maintain illusions that fly in the face of rationality. Santa drops down the chimney every Christmas and leaves gifts, children don’t let the fact that their home doesn’t have a chimney dampen their faith. This willing suspension of disbelief allows them to get lost in the world of fairy tales and believe with all their hearts in happy endings. As we grow the harsh realities of life set in, wanting to be a princess won’t make it so, absent of luck of lineage or catching a prince’s eye no amount of determination will change reality.
Launching a start up requires some of this same willing suspension of disbelief. In order to begin you have to have an unshakable , hubris level of trust that your concept has what it takes to succeed. Despite overwhelming evidence that your success is the equivalent of a six sigma event on the probability scale, you carry on. Because it can happen- the stories of a couple of guys dropping out of Harvard to build personal computers in their garages to become luminary visionaries. While it’s true that life’s rarely a fairy tale – and my childhood dreams if becoming a princess are likely never going to be realized, this dream is attainable. There are few exalted paths in life that don’t require an innate level of skill, one that can’t be honed, launching a start up definitely requires skill and vision but more than that it takes drive. It simply takes an unrelenting drive towards the goal, while ignoring the probabilities. Blissful ignorance aside you just have to believe in tail events.



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