Developing your Signature Style

You’re style says a lot about you, are you flirty, trendy, old world classic or are undefinable but still fabulous? Creating your style signature can be tricky, here are some tips to help:
Take a look thru your closet, identify the prices that you always feel great in. What about those prices makes them your a go to?
Is it a cut that fits your body shape perfectly? Check out other items from the same designer, they are not all created equal once you have found your sweet spot stick with it. Know your terms- shift, A-line, bias cut, boot cut, flare, skinny. Once you have one that works seek it out on your next shopping trip.
Is it a color that really compliments your skin tone or brings out your eyes, find ways to incorporate more of it.
Who do you love from the best dressed lists- look for items that have caught your eye. Run a search- maybe they post their favorites somewhere, look for them on Twitter, Pose or Google them, maybe they curate looks for a blog or website, like one of my favorites like @TheRealOliviaP does for @piperlime.
Above all create a style that is all your own, then rock it with a smile , the perfect accessory for any look!



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