Clean out your closet… And your head

We’ve all been guilty of it- rolling out of bed after hitting the snooze button one too many times and throwing on whatever you first encounter. You go thru the day regretting your choice and not looking your best. Definitely not impressing the higher-ups in the corner office, and definitely not ready for an impromptu date request. Start the new year off right be cleaning out your closet, grab a couple of trash bags (I personally like the giant black trash bags usually reserved for construction projects and leaves)and toss in anything that you haven’t worn in the last three months, those pants that don’t fit right but you regretfully throw them on as last ditch option, those shoes that you keep hoping will magically become comfortable, toss them all in. Drive to your nearest clothing donation site and donate them. Go home and evaluate what you have left, organize your closet strategically in whatever way makes sense to you, by color, by item type, by coordinating pieces. Then take a look and determine what your missing, head out shopping with a clear idea of what prices you need to step up your look. Shop for pieces that can coordinate with at least three separate items you already own. Stand alone dresses are also great wardrobe additions, especially of you can mix it up and wear them with boots for one look and heels and a statement necklace for another. Buy only items that look great on you today, not after you lose that final five pounds. Don’t buy anything just because its a great deal unless it meets the aforementioned criteria, it’s better to end up with a few versatile staples than a closet full of deals that will eventually make their way to that black trash bag after you can’t resist their allure, or finally realize that the great deal came with a loose thread on your skirt was actually unraveling the entire back seam- that never makes for a good day (but may increase your date requests) .


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