Toiles and Tights Troubles

Remember when you were a little girl and you had an adorable little dress, with matching Mary Janes , then came the requisite tights, those which you would spend the entire day tugging them up…. There were several variations on your technique, the start from the bottom and gather slack, as if this would magically make them stay were they belong, the incognito hike which you tried to pretend was some other action but never really solved the problem and my favorite, the flip up your skirt all hands on deck readjustment. Everything back in its place you were ready to basque in the glow your perfect outfit created… Until you moved, at which point the cycle starts again. Flash forward twenty years and I buy my first pair of tights as an adult. There are so many varieties, different colors, patters, textures available today. I find a pair that brings me back to those I hazily remember as idyllic days. I replace the Mary Janes with some amazing boots and a micro sheath dress and my sweater tights ( you know the ones I’m talking about with the pattern textured on) and I’m ready to hit the streets. A few steps outside my door I notice the tights are riding low, no problem as I pretend to adjust my coat I tug them up…perfect I’m back in business. By the time I reach the train station a few blocks away the waistband is practically at my thighs and I’m ready to scream. From the back I probably look like I’m wearing those harem pants which is never a good look on anyone, except maybe retouched fashion spreads (I don’t even think the models could rock the look on real life). How can so much time have passed and the tights be the exact same?? I’ve learned my lesson and I’ll stick with a means of leg coverings that have a control top so they stay up. Of course, then you face the issue of the bottom seam of the control top showing past your dress(nothing screams inappropriate for the office worse then this faux paux), but at least I’ll be comfortable. All in the name of doing right by fashionista I was when I was 7 years old.


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